AvNav Privacy Declaration

AvNav is not contacting any servers in the internet except for the demo charts.

Further exception: If you select NMEA/AIS source “IP” AvNav will contact the selected server (IP and port) to get location information and AIS data.

Normally such a server will be located in the local network (WLAN). The ip address will be entered by the user.

When running AvNav will collect location data and write it as tracks in the selected working directory at the device or the external SD card.

Those data will remain there until deleted by the user.

Other personal data will not be used or accessed by AvNav.

AvNav needs the following access rights:


For connecting to a server to get NMEA or AIS data. The ip address will be selected by the user.

In mode “external browser” you can allow (within settings) that other devices can connect to avnav.


For accessing GPS/NMEA devices.

Write Access to external Storage

You can select external storage as working directory.

Location Information

This is used for the basic function of displaying the position.

For further questions please contact  andreas@wellenvogel.net.

Bernau, 2017